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Curious about the natural world? Whether you’re captivated by the human body’s inner workings or the minutia of cells, our tutoring services can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of life on our fascinating planet.

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Stage 1 Biology

Year 11

SACE Stage 1 Biology introduces you to the fundamental concepts, including cell structure and function, energy and transport, microorganisms, infectious disease, multicellular organisms, ecosystems and biodiversity. In your study of these topics, you will develop your understanding of some of the fundamental principles and concepts of biology. Science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour are interwoven through the science understanding.

In the first unit, we learn the structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and explore how they obtain energy and transport substances. The second unit investigates infectious diseases and the immune system. The third explores multicellular organisms and how cells assemble into tissues, organs and systems that carry out specialised functions. The fourth and final unit investigates ecosystems and factors affecting biodiversity.

I can teach you any of these concepts at any time, helping you master the concepts and apply your knowledge rather than memorising and recalling. Wherever you are up to in class, I can help. Book now!

  • Topic 1: Cells & microorganisms
  • Topic 2: Infectious disease
  • Topic 3: Multicellular organisms
  • Topic 4: Biodiversity & ecosystem dynamics

Stage 2 Biology

Year 12

SACE Stage 2 Biology further develops your knowledge, understanding and application of biology while developing our use of the three strands of student learning: science understanding, science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour. In the first unit, we explore DNA and proteins. In this diverse unit, we consider the structure and function of DNA, genes and their expression, protein structure and function, epigenetics, mutations, DNA technology and biotechnology. The second unit returns to the cellular level to explore the structure and functions of cells. In this chapter, we reexamine cellular processes including transport across membranes, respiration and mitosis while introducing the organelles, meiosis, the cell cycle and cell culture. The third unit explores homeostasis, specifically the role of the nervous and endocrine systems in preserving factors like body temperature and blood glucose within tolerance limits. The final unit is evolution. In this final chapter before the exam, we explore how living things have descended from a common ancestor that evolved through time. We will investigate the role of mutation and natural selection in shaping the evolution of a species and the formation of new ones.

I can teach you any and all of these concepts clearly, efficiently and effectively. Let me help you prepare for tests and exams, complete practical reports and SHE tasks and support you in learning to apply your knowledge, not just recall it. Whatever you are struggling with, I can help. Book now!

  • Topic 1: DNA & proteins
  • Topic 2: Cells as the basis of life
  • Topic 3: Homeostasis
  • Topic 4: Evolution

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Dear Mr Lewis,

Thank you so much for your company these three years; it has been a great pleasure for me to be your student. I am not exaggerating to say that I fell in love with the subjects of physics and chemistry because of you. Your classes are always interesting and full of enthusiasm, which inspires me with passion and desire to explore physics and chemistry. Whenever I asked you a question, you always answered me very gently and patiently. You also encouraged me a lot which made me feel valued. Therefore I am very touched by your support and concern. Time goes by so fast; I really can’t bear to say goodbye. In my future study life, I will continue to work hard and make you proud. You are my favourite teacher, and I will always remember you!

I am not exaggerating to say that I fell in love with the subjects of physics and chemistry because of you


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Dear Lewis,

Thanks for all the support!

Thanks for all the support!


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